Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Yet ?

Am I being punked or is it really summer? It's just NOT right when your ordering hot drinks from starbucks in the middle of summer. Im sure this is some kind of sick joke mother nature is playing on us! =) is it to much to ask for to just have an ICED americano with nonfat milk and sugar free vanilla on a nice hot day? C'mon, I think we are troopers with rain the rest of the year... give us our 3 months of sun! Well either way I love it here and I refuse to sit in a hot ( hopefully) house with two boys that have super energy. I will have to find some free fun activities. Fortunatly there are a lot here in the city. I want to hike and camp this summer. Today is Cheese's last day of school so I have to look for things soon! I have the summer off school too which will be nice to do lots of family stuff. We have had a good "summer" so far though. Went to my Dad's this weekend...funny story (well, wasnt so funny then, but it is now)ok......so....Imagine standing in your kitchen and turning around only to find a two year old in his diaper standing there! That's what happened to my Dad's neighbor this weekend when cheech (our little escape artist) walked out his front door crossed the street and walked right into the neighbors house! Oh, the joys of boys... always have to keep your eyes on them! my Dad also brought us to his gym and the boys had free range of all the stuff. It was so nice because as soon as we got in the car they were passed out! We went there mainly because Cheese is really wanting to learn basketball but he gets bored of one activity to easy! haha totally A boy thing... starting a bunch of intrest and and never finishing because something better comes along! Anyway, Im planning on making this summer a good one so im sure I will have a lot to write about or a lot to complain about if the weather doesnt get nicer soon! stay tuned....

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