Thursday, August 5, 2010

Camping With Kids

The title says it all! Wow, What a weekend! Camping with 5 kids was crazy but super fun! I was a little discouraged in the beginning but it all worked out, and ended up being a time to remember! Things I learned while camping with kids were: 1. When you invite friend with 3 or more kids, make sure you tell them 2 1/2 hours earlier then the time you plan to leave. 2. Grass site might be better then dirt, especially if it rains ( altough the kids probably prefer the dirt to dig). 3. Small marshmellows are better then extra large 4. Tip backwards instead of forward while shotguning a beer. 5. warm sleeping bags are important! 6. Have fun and roll with it, Things might not go exactly how you expect but making the most out of any situation will make for great memories. Cheese was a natural camper, him and Kianna were having the most fun. They were ontheir own weekend long exploration. Cheech on the other hand was more into the less messy activities like eating =). He would have little camping breaks in the car with a blanket, food and music. Thank goodness that Nic knows how to camp. he's the reason we have such a great time, especially me since I am not such a "pro" camper yet, After a couple more times round I might be able to teach Nic a thing or two. This will definitly be an activity that our family will be doing a lot of. It was nice to have a weekend away with family and close friends. Especially after the little ones crashed after a long day and us adults got to drink around the campfire. I look forward to many more years to come of it =)!

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