Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DAMN! I have a 6 year old!

6 years ago this last weekend, at 7:00 pm I was talking to my aunt on the phone, in a lot of pain. She said " Nicole I think you are in labor" I called Nic and he had some big wig coming in that day to work so I had to hold out for a couple hours until he got home. I was so scared and the pain was so bad. Nic got home and we went in. They told me that I should go home because I wasn't ready... I told them " Hell NO, I'm not going ANYWHERE" so instead, they had us walk around the hospital for two hours. I was walking and every couple min I had to squat and grunt really loud. It looked like I was shitting my pants, the janitor just laughed every time. I didn't think it was to funny at the time. Finally they gave me a room, but where were the meds?!? The "Natural" method had already been thrown out the window! No way! give me something! 34 babies born in the same hospital that dark Chicago night! 34! That meant I was on a waiting list for the epidural. I was going to have this boy natural..If there is a God, Lord help me. This is going to be a long night! I remember the Yankees world series game was on. I could care less but it gave Nic something else to watch besides me puking in a bucket. Finally when I could not handle the pain anymore (30 min from pushing) I got the epidural. It was the best relief of my life! A train could have ran over me and I would and be making "pull your horn" signals.I couldn't feel a thing! 2:40 in the morning I remember Nic say " He's got hair, a lot of black hair!" 2:45 our cheese was born " Whats his name" Doc asked Nic looked at me " Vincent? yeah" and of course to spoil the moment the doc had to say " Thats my dads name" uhhggg...we had just name our child after an 80 year old man, who we didnt even know...haha, but he is a Vincent, He is definitely strong just like his name =). Now we have a 6 year old that is stubborn, crazy, loud, independent, but also, loving, nurturing, smart with a big heart! I am so proud of us for creating such wonderful boys, they are going to do great things some day!
Its hard to have a 6 year old and be young, I will always be "cool mom" because Im young and fun,but when he's a teen it may not be "cool mom" anymore, It will probably be "go away mom, your so annoying and embarrassing!" haha. For now it's hard because other moms don't really give me a chance. I am assuming my age ( plus I look younger then 25) I am really outgoing, have a lot of interesting things to say ( I watch a lot of tv & news=), I could probably make them laugh, but many ignore me. It suck, Maybe they think I am to young and I don't have anything to say that would be interesting. Maybe they just think I'm the Nanny. Seriously, why do women have to be such snobby bitches. Us moms need to stick together! Ok maybe I should save this entry for my next blog. So, back this weekend. We went to see "UP" the movie, if you havent seen it, see it! Maybe its PMS, but I cried. I had to pretend my cold was acting up becasue I didnt want everyone to know I was crying in a Disney movie. I am such a sap... I cry in commercials, its kind of pathetic I know. Im emotional, and being a little nutz doesn't help either! Also, decorated for Halloween! Whoo hooo! I love Halloween, My oldest is allergic to peanuts so I always get half his candy....haha. Ok, well I need to go pick up my son from school and say hi to the snobby bitches that never say hi back. "kill em with kindness" It probably drives them crazy, I love it!


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