Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mommy Day

Mommy Day

My house is a mess, In disarray,

In desperate need of Mommy Day!

Kids, Dogs, stepping on my toes,

Diaper smell linger in my nose,

A cup of milk spills on the floor,

Damn solicitors at my door!

Anything with caffeine please

Coffee, redbull, chocolate, teas.

Yelling screaming little boys,

Mommy tripping over toys!

“Out of the Kitchen!

Stop banging on that!

Don’t jump on the couch,

Stop bugging the cat!

Can’t you hear me

When I say,


Dishes pile in the sink,

No time to sit,

No time to think,

No time to even use the phone,

No time for me,

No time alone.

Sometimes It feels a tad insane,

Advil for the Headache pain,

Smile gets me through the day,

Try not to stress or to complain. ( to much!)

I can’t believe it’s the 24th hour,

Since I’ve changed my clothes or

Taken a shower!

Evening shift,

Get boys fed,

Bath, teeth, story

Then time for bed.

Date night, What’s that?

I could use one of those,

But right now I’d rather

Watch my shows!

I sit and reflect

About my crazy day

But honestly I wouldn’t

Have it any other way!

I creep in their room

Kiss them goodnight

And think to myself

“ I’ve done something right!”

- Nicole

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